Ladies Chair Dance Membership

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Hi and welcome to my Ladies Tease Dance™ membership program. Here you will find information on the membership program, self-assessment form, and a gratitude journal. 



here you will find the second part of choreography I can take you there.

Ladies Chair Dance Membership

Would you like to feel more self-confident? Do you feel you need to express yourself and your femininity more? Perhaps you lack energy? Or you simply love dancing and would like to learn something new? Then I have the right solution for you. 

Ladies Chair Dance is a unique and comprehensive dance system that helps women become confident and fit.

Through my dance lessons you will learn to:

  • dance in a unique, sensual and feminine way,
  • accept yourself and your body more,
  • find and express your femininity and sensuality

In Ladies Chair Dance membership you will:

  • get access to new dance routine each week,
  • routines will be explained with counts and music
  • get access to different exercises: warm-up exercises, stretching exercises, tips and tricks for balance, flexibility, mobility, core strength, etc.
  • access to a Facebook support group

Please, head to the "Try it of charge" TEASER module, where you will get a sneak-peek of what to expect from this membership.

Learn to chair dance in the comfort of your home and be guided and supported by me as well as other dancers.

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